SSDI Benefits For Families

SSDI Benefits For Family Members

Family members of qualifying recipients may be eligible to receive up to half of the amount of the recipient’s claim. In general, the total amount payable to family members is limited to no more than 180 percent of your total disability benefit.

It is important to note minor or dependent children. The application for family benefits is not considered if the claimant does not mention having kids.

SSDI benefits for families include:

  • Spouse’s benefits: Your spouse must be age 62 or older and cannot be receiving SSDI benefits at a greater amount than you are. The total amount of the claim will be determined by the number of months until your spouse’s retirement eligibility. If you are the primary caretaker of a child under age 16 or a child with a disability, your spouse may qualify for spouse’s benefits.
  • Children’s benefits: Your children under the age of 18 (or 19 if still in high school) may also qualify to receive benefits.
  • Widow’s benefits: Surviving spouses of a deceased SSDI recipient may receive a reduced level of survivor’s benefits beginning at age 60. Full benefits begin at full retirement age. With a qualifying disability, a widow or widower may be eligible to receive benefits on your record as early as age 50. Specific restrictions apply.
  • Childhood disability benefits: A person with a diagnosed disability prior to age 22 may be eligible to receive benefits if his or her parent is receiving retirement or disability benefits or is deceased.

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