How Do Other Benefits Affect SSDI?

Many claimants for Social Security benefits do not understand exactly how other types of benefits can and will affect their claim and its chances of success.

Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation Benefits and SSI/SSDI in Washington and Oregon

How does drawing unemployment compensation affect receiving disability benefits? Many Social Security Administration judges look at unemployment as a contradiction to Social Security disability.  When someone applies for unemployment insurance benefits, they are saying that they are ready, willing and able to work.   When a person applies for Social Security disability, they are stating under oath that they cannot work.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this, such as when a person loses their job but doesn’t immediately recognize that they are totally disabled.  Having a skilled attorney who can make the proper arguments in support of your claim can help to make sure that your claim is properly considered.

How Do Other Benefits Affect SSI/SSDI?

Another situation can occur when a person receives workers’ compensation benefits.  When a person receives workers’ compensation benefits Social Security benefits may be offset in order to avoid “double dipping.”

Understanding these factors can be complicated, and misunderstanding the effects of other benefits and how they can and will affect your claim can lead to your claim’s  rejection.

For over 15 years, we’ve been working as attorneys on Washington state Social Security claims and understand exactly how benefits can and will affect a Social Security claim. We will take the time to completely understand your case and inform you of the best options to ensure success.

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