Proving Disability

When preparing a Social Security claim, it is critically important to understand all factors that will be considered by the SSA so that you can put forth the strongest claim possible.

When it comes to proving disability for SSDI in Washington and Oregon, a claimant has to present all relevant medical records and understand what symptoms and signs are considered for various afflictions.

This amounts to:

  • Understanding what types of medical professionals should be sought to correctly diagnose and document an ailment
  • Following through and seeking out their professional aid
  • Ensuring that every necessary part of the diagnosis is adequately documented

Further still, the Social Security office is not looking just for proof of diagnosis, but proof of impairment. It is critical that claimants talk to their doctor about how it can and will limit them in their search for work. If your ailment limits sitting, standing, walking, lifting or any other activity, that needs to be documented.

This process can be intimidating, and, if it is handled incorrectly, can easily result in claim rejection. Partnering with a committed and experienced lawyer can increase the ease of filing and its chances of success while decreasing unknown variables and stress.

Seattle SSD Benefits Attorney

For more than 15 years, we’ve been working with Washington state Social Security claimants and helping them prove their disabilities. If a client does not have a medical card or insurance, we may be able to help. What’s important is that all claimants get the correct documentation.

We let clients know, up front, precisely what to do and what to avoid; together we work collaboratively and can anticipate where the claim is headed.

If you have questions about proving disability, we’re ready to use our experience to help you do everything to ensure success in your claim. You can learn more about SSDI at the following information pages:

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