SSDI benefits are available to Americans who have worked and paid Social Security taxes. It is a complicated calculation based on work credit, but, loosely speaking, SSDI is available to individuals who:

  • Have worked for five of the last 10 years and paid the requisite amount into the system, meaning they have obtained an “insured” status
  • Are not retirement age
  • Are too disabled to work

Social Security disability benefits cover a broad range of physical and psychological issues, and it is important to note that, regardless of whether someone has contributed to a Social Security “account” or not, he or she may still qualify for benefits. If you believe you might qualify for benefits, it is important to understand the process. All too often claimants enter the process without the proper knowledge, putting their claim in jeopardy. By partnering with a skilled attorney you are in a much better position for success.

Seattle Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney/Oregon SSDI Attorney

With over 30 years of combined experience, we at the law firm of Tucker & Boklage, PLLC, are ready and willing to help with any aspect of an SSDI claim, from determining and proving disability benefits to filing a claim and working in the appeals process. Since we formed the firm over 15 years ago, we’ve been practicing Social Security law exclusively and never collect any legal fees unless our clients receive benefits.

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