The SSDI Process

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At Tucker & Boklage, PLLC, Social Security law is our only area of practice. Our attorneys combine more than 30 years of experience to help people throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho receive the benefits they are entitled to when a disability means they can no longer work.

Roadblocks Are Built Into The Process

After suffering a disabling injury or being diagnosed with a disease that will no longer allow you to work, filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits should be your right. After all, you and your doctor know you have a disability; the Social Security Administration (SSA) should approve your claim right away. The process for filing a claim should be easy, but it rarely is.

When you file a claim, the SSA opens a file and ships it to Disability Determination Services (DDS). A clerk and doctors work behind the scenes at DDS and, based on the documentation, either approve or deny the claim. Very often claims are denied and must be appealed. If the appeal is denied, claimants then can go to trial.

At any point in the process, if claimants do not follow procedure or provide correct documentation, the door to rejection swings wide open. It makes sense to partner with a skilled and experienced lawyer. In most cases, you can greatly increase your likelihood for success.

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